Monday 5 February 2018

Prairie Fire's Face-Off against Breast Cancer game set for February 17th

The Melville Prairie Fire are inviting you to join our 3rd Annual Face-off Against Breast Cancer battle.

 Our girls are known for being a hard working team on and off the ice as well with helping out in the community.

This year we have decided to continue fighting in this battle. A common killer to women, the team has decided to give their support towards the war against Breast Cancer.

We take pride in being female AAA hockey players, we take pride in our community and we take pride in knowing we can make a difference against one of the most common cancers against women.

On February 17th, at 4:00pm the Prairie Fire will take on the Regina Rebels at the Melville Horizon Credit Union Arena, this game will be our Face Off Against Breast Cancer game, all proceeds will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

There will be door donations, a raffle table, and puck toss amongst many other planned events. At the end of the game, a cheque will be handed to a well-known individual within the community of Melville, accepting it on behalf of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Face-off Against Breast Cancer event, or if you are interested in giving a donation please contact the number below.

Erin Armstrong


Chat with Prairie Fire Captain Erin Armstrong:

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