Thursday 27 August 2020

Melville Millionaires hold 2020 Annual General Meeting; Stevenson named new President


The Melville Millionaires held their 2020 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday night at the Horizon Credit Union Center in Melville.

 During the meeting, Tammy Stevenson who served as role of 1st Vice President last season, was appointed as the club’s new President.

 Stevenson said in a interview with GX94 that she is excited for her new role and get to work right away. 

And I'm looking forward to leading the path and getting the Mils back on track both on and off the ice, we have a strong passion on our board and just looking at continuing that growth and moving forward."

Meanwhile from last night’s AGM, the financial report for the Mils was released and Stevenson says it's a grim reminder that lots more work still needs to be done. 

"It's been a tough last few years there's no secret about that, and we didn't close the 2019/20 season off financially where we had hoped and where we would have started, but we lost approximately about $40000 last year." 

Stevenson adds the board has start thinking out of the box in ways to generate more revenue including a new Calcutta, and a Sportsman dinner & golf tournament for next year and also the establishment of Rail City Hockey Development. 

But she adds COVID-19 make it little tricky with it, but they simply need more spectators. 

At the end of the day Millionaires need fan support since we really rely on that quite heavily to to get us through the season we appreciate the fan engagement our last home game against Yorkton was amazing and the boys loved at the rink packed and when there's lots of noise it was a really really really nice environment great read and here's hoping that we can continue that exciting atmosphere this season" , Stevenson adds. 

Lastly, with the start of the 2020/21 Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League season still up in the air, Stevenson says they are still preparing and getting having ready for the upcoming campaign.

"We will be releasing our advance ticket sales later today which will be replacing our season tickets we have to do things a bit different now and in keeping with our theme of having to think outside the box we feel it having these advanced ticket pricing packages will accomplish that what are fans of like the were all eager to get back into the rink watch hockey but we need to do it safely and just make sure that our fans are safe and our players are safe and that the restrictions in place are followed." 

The Millionaires will be holding their Main training camp from September 11th to 13th at the Horizon Credit Union Center.

2020/21 Executive Board of Directors 

President -
Tammy Stevenson 

Governor - Dawn Melnychuk 

1st Vice-President - Renee Waldbauer

2nd Vice-President - Steve Sutton 

Treasurer - Charlotte Poier 

Secretary - Tara Badduke 

Board Members: 

Len Wassill

Bruce Graff

Kevin Kirkwood


 Mils President Tammy Stevenson Question and Answer below:

1) What's it like to be named President

2) Why did you move up to new role?

3) What did the financial report present from the AGM?

4) What are you doing as a board to try and improve those financials?

5) How happy are you with the board to have together?

6) With the season in limbo, what are you guys doing as a board to prepare?

7) What's it like to have Head Coach/GM Mike Rooney and staff on-board with the organization? 

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