Tuesday 12 April 2022

Richardson Pioneer Rider Nation Community Celebration still looking Community Applications

(from greycupfestival.ca) 

The Grey Cup is this November in Regina – but six communities in Saskatchewan will also host a once-in-a-lifetime Grey Cup party!

The Richardson Pioneer Rider Nation Community Celebration is a one-day party that six communities will experience.
The party will include the Grey Cup, Rider alumni, Gainer the Gopher – AND each winning community will also receive a $25,000 donation from Richardson Pioneer toward a community project

"It came together through a partnership with the Grey Cup committee, the Riders and Richardson Pioneer and it was an idea that was ready to be rolled in 2020 when it was supposed to be held, but now it will be here in 2022 and it's a chance to bring that Grey Cup party atmosphere to six communities across the province," Grey Cup Host Committee member Jonathan Huntington says. 

Huntington also adds that the time on when it would happen in each community would be the preference of the host committee. 

You can nominate your community by completing the application form before Wednesday, April 20th by visiting

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