Sunday 12 April 2020

2020 Manitoba Junior Hockey League Bantam Draft set for April 26th

The Manitoba Junior Hockey League announced on Saturday that the 11 member league will be holding their 2020 MJHL Bantam Draft on Sunday, April 26th starting at 9AM MB time. 

Traditionally the MJHL Draft has been held the first week of June, “with the abruptness of season’s end and the subsequent cancellation of all hockey activities for the foreseeable future across the province and nation, we felt it was important to provide some much needed excitement and positivity during what has been a disappointing and difficult time for everyone” comments Kim Davis, MJHL Commissioner.

Prior to the MJHL Draft, teams will submit up to two (2) Auto-Protect selections from the designated home zone.  New to this year’s draft procedures, teams will have the option to decline an Auto-Protect selection and defer that pick to Round 7 or 8 of the draft.  

Full details of procedure updates along with Auto-Protect selections will be released on Monday, April 20.

You can follow along to the draft live at or follow along to my Twitter account at @BennyGX94Sports for all up-to-date Stampeders and Wolverines' selections. 

(MJHL Release) 



1st round, 8th overall

2nd round, 19th overall

3rd round, 30th overall

4th round, 39th overall

5th round, 49th overall

6th round, 56th overall 

1st round, 7th overall 

2nd round, 18th overall 

3rd round, 26th overall 

4th round, 40th overall 

6th round, 58th overall 

6th round, 62nd overall 

7th round, 70th overall 

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