Tuesday 9 March 2021

Wadena Re/Max Curling Club encouraging Green Day in Saskatchewan on Wednesday in support of Team Dunstone


When you've tuning in the Tim Hortons’ Brier this week, I'm sure you've been hearing the Wadena Re/Max Curling club being attached to Matt Dunstone and his Saskatchewan rink. 

That’s because the foursome was in the Saskatchewan town for two weeks to prepare for the National championship.

Icemaker Scott Comfort says that came to fruition after a conversation between the team and one of their board members. 

"Dustin Mikush, one of your board members' and curler in his own right kinda had conversation with Matt Dunstone and said we could fine-tune our ice and get it to as close of Brier ice as we can and it kind of went from there."

Dunstone and his rink of Braden Moskowy, Kirk Muyres and Dustin Kidby had to get cleared Sask Health to order to get the chance to participate, plus they had to be under as strict quarantine.

Also another fellow board member was able to find a place to house the foursome, and through the days there was groceries and food dropped off by the community. 

Comfort admits it’s pretty cool to hear their community on the national stage.

"It's pretty special, the whole community and just the entire area is behind them and we are just glad we were able to play a small part in the preparation."

Lastly since, fans can’t be at the event to cheer on Team Saskatchewan, Comfort is encouraging everyone in the province to do their part in support this Wednesday.

"Just cause we can't be there in person to cheer on the team, we would like to see everyone in Saskatchewan wear their Green or curling gear on Wednesday to show that the entire province is behind them."

You are also asked to post your pictures of Green gear to social media tagging Team Dunstone with the hashtags of #smalltownproud, #gosask, and #Brier2021. 

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