Monday 1 July 2013

2013/14 SJHL Schedule Released

**ALL GAMES 7:30, unless otherwise posted**


Sept 19th- Estevan @ Melville
Sept 20th- Melville @ Estevan
Sept 24th- Battlefords @ Melville
Sept 27th- Melville @ Battlefords
Sept 28th- Melville @ Kindersley

Oct 5th- Battlefords @ Melville
Oct 8th- Melville @ Notre Dame 8:00
Oct 11th- Melville @ Yorkton
Oct 12th- Yorkton @ Melville
Oct 15th- Flin Flon @ Melville
Oct 18th- La Ronge @ Melville
Oct 23rd- Weyburn @ Melville
Oct 25th- Melfort @ Melville
Oct 26th- Melville @ Weyburn
Oct 29th- Melville @ Battlefords
Oct 30th- Melville @ Kindersley

Nov 1st- Humboldt @ Melville
Nov 6th- Notre Dame @ Melville
Nov 9th- Kindersley @ Melville
Nov 16th- Flin Flon @ Melville
Nov 19th- Melville @ Estevan
Nov 22nd- Melville @ Yorkton
Nov 23rd- Yorkton @ Melville
Nov 26th- Melville @ Weyburn
Nov 29th- Melville @ Nipawin
Nov 30th- Melville @ Flin Flon

Dec 3rd- Notre Dame @ Melville
Dec 5th- Melville @ La Ronge
Dec 6th- Melville @ Flin Flon
Dec 13th- Melfort @ Melville
Dec 15th- Estevan @ Melville
Dec 18th- Melville @ Melfort
Dec 30th- Yorkton @ Melville

Jan 1st- Melville@ Yorkton- 2pm
Jan 4th- Melville @ Weyburn
Jan 5th- Weyburn @ Melville 6:00
Jan 8th- Melville @ Humboldt 7:00
Jan 10th- Melville @ Nipawin
Jan 11th- Nipawin @ Melville
Jan 14th- Melville @ Estevan
Jan 17th- Melville @ La Ronge
Jan 18th- Melville @ La Ronge
Jan 22nd- La Ronge @ Melville
Jan 24th- Kindersley @ Melville
Jan 28th- Melville @ Estevan
Jan 31st- Melville @ Notre Dame in Fort Qu'Appelle

Feb 1st- Humboldt @ Melville
Feb 4th- Melville @ Notre Dame 8:00
Feb 7th- Yorkton @ Melville
Feb 8th- Melville @ Yorkton
Feb 14th- Melville @ Humboldt
Feb 15th- Weyburn @ Melville
Feb 18th- Estevan @ Melville
Feb 21st- Nipawin @ Melville
Feb 25th- Estevan @ Melville
Feb 28th- Notre Dame @ Melville


Sept 20th- Yorkton @ Weyburn
Sept 21st- Weyburn @ Yorkton
Sept 25th- Battlefords @ Yorkton
Sept 28th- Estevan @ Yorkton

Oct 4th- Battlefords @ Yorkton
Oct 5th- Yorkton @ Weyburn
Oct 8th- Humboldt @ Yorkton
Oct 11th- Melville @ Yorkton
Oct 12th- Yorkton @ Melville
Oct 19th- La Ronge @ Yorkton
Oct 20th- Estevan @ Yorkton 6:00
Oct 22nd- Yorkton @ Humboldt 7:00
Oct 25th- Yorkton @ Battlefords
Oct 26th- Yorkton @ Kindersley
Oct 29th- Yorkton @ Estevan

Nov 2nd- Yorkton @ Nipawin
Nov 7th- Yorkton @ La Ronge
Nov 8th- Yorkton @ L Ronge
Nov 10th- Kindersley @ Yorkton 6:00
Nov 15th- Weyburn @ Yorkton
Nov 17th- Flin Flon @ Yorkton 6:00
Nov 20th- La Ronge @ Yorkton
Nov 22nd- Melville @ Yorkton
Nov 23rd- Yorkton @ Melville
Nov 26th- Yorkton @ Estevan
Nov 29th- Yorkton @ Weyburn
Nov 30th- Melfort @ Yorkton

Dec 6th- Nipawin @ Yorkton
Dec 10th- Yorkton @ Estevan
Dec 13th- Estevan @ Yorkton
Dec 14th- Yorkton @ Notre Dame 7:00
Dec 17th- Notre Dame @ Yorkton
Dec 30th- Yorkton @ Melville

Jan 1st- Melville @ Yorkton 2:00
Jan 3rd- Melfort @ Yorkton
Jan 4th- Yorkton @ Melfort
Jan 11th- Yorkton @ Battlefords
Jan 12th- Yorkton @ Kindersley 3:00
Jan 17th- Yorkton @ Flin Flon
Jan 18th- Yorkton @ Nipawin
Jan 21st- La Ronge @ Yorkton
Jan 24th- Yorkton @ Humboldt
Jan 25th- Kindersley @ Yorkton
Jan 28th- Flin Flon @ Yorkton
Jan 31st- Humboldt @ Yorkton

Feb 1st- Yorkton @ Notre Dame 1:00 (Hall of Fame Game)
Feb 7th- Yorkton @ Melville
Feb 8th- Melville @ Yorkton
Feb 11th- Humboldt @ Yorkton
Feb 14th- Yorkton @ La Ronge
Feb 15th- Yorkton @ Melfort
Feb 20th- Weyburn @ Yorkton
Feb 22nd- Nipawin @ Yorkton
Feb 26th- Notre Dame @ Yorkton
Feb 28th- Yorkton @ Flin Flon
Mar 1st- Yorkton @ Humboldt


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