Thursday 11 July 2013

MJHL Launches New Playoff Format


An additional two teams will participate in the MJHL post-season this upcoming spring. Under the new format, teams finishing fifth in their respective divisions will play the fourth-place team in a best-of-three series. The winner is then declared the fourth seed, playing the first-place team in a best-of-seven series.

“Other leagues refer to this new format as a “Survivor Series”, or wild card playoff,” MJHL Commissioner Kim Davis said. “It’s proven very popular with the fans of those teams finishing fourth and fifth. In many situations, the point difference between fourth and fifth is minimal. The new format is specifically designed to see the best team advance.”

The new playoff format was brought about by a special meeting of the MJHL Board of Governors earlier this month.

“It’s strongly felt that this new format will generate even more fan excitement throughout the league,” said Davis.

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