Tuesday 31 July 2018

5th round of Saskatchewan Championship Motorcross was held in Yorkton


The Yorkton Motorcycle Club hosted the fifth round of the Saskatchewan Championship Motocross Series sanction by the SMA/MRC.

We had 233 entries ranging, male and female, ranging in age from 4 to 65.

Although we have fewer local racers than some years we still had some rides by some of the area racers.

Local Results:
MX2 Junior:
Brendan Walkington - Yorkton (12th)
Austin Walkington - Yorkton (16th)

MX2 Intermediate

Ty Ballard - Roblin MB (4th)

MX3 Pro

Kane Dawson - (4th)
Nicolas Hohne - Swan River MB (6th)

85 (12-16)

Dylan Ringdal - Rokeby (4th)
Morgan Kriger - Ebenezer (6th)

GP Beginner

Kyan Ell - Grayson SK (2nd)
Halian Shebluk - Yorkton (5th)
Kendal Fidek - Yorkton (7th)
Johnathan Bradley - Buchanan (9th)

Vet Junior

Warren Bullock - Swan River MB (1st)
John Kereluke - Wadena SK (5th)

Vet Master

Sean Vincent - Saltcoats SK (2nd)
Rick Dawson - Yorkton (DNS)

50cc OPEN

Jens Vincent - Saltcoats (2nd)

Super Mini

Dylan Ringdal - Rokeby SK (9th)
Morgan Kriger - Ebenezer (15th)

MX1 Junior

Brendan Walkington - Yorkton (7th)
Halian Shebeluk - Yorkton (17th)


Rick Dawson - Yorkton (1st)


Katie Lees- Carlyle (1st)

50 Pee Wee (7-8)

Jens Vincent -Saltcoats - (3rd)

50 Pee Wee (4-6)

Connor Vincent - Saltcoats (6th)
Jesse Stanley - Saltcoats (7th)

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