Friday 21 June 2019

York Lake Golf & Country Club becomes 2nd 12-hole Golf Course to open in Saskatchewan

The newest 12-hole golf course in Saskatchewan officially held their Grand Opening today.

The York Lake Golf & Country Club becomes the 2nd 12-hole golf course in the province joining the Greenbrye in Saskatoon that opened up in 2012.

York Lake Vice President Rick Schrader says it was the right choice to go to 12 holes.

"Time frame wise and cost wise it's the most effective system being put in place right now and going forward."

A history of the Club shows it started out as a small sand 9-hole course in 1926 and grew into a grassy 18-hole course designed by world renown golf architect Les Furber.

Devastating floods in  2011 and 2014 destroyed the Back Nine compelling the Board and members to develop a plan to rebuild the golf course.

The club also introduced the new "Cornerstone Cafe" located in the clubhouse of the golf course.

On Saturday, the Country Club is offering a super special for golfers to try out the new 12 holes.
You can golf the 12-hole course for $12.00 a round or try your skills at Footgolf.

Chat with York Lake Vice-President Rick Schrader

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