Wednesday 20 April 2016

It's an end of an era for the Melville Millionaires


For the first time in 12 years, the Melville Millionaires will have a new Head Coach/GM for the upcoming SJHL season.
The team announced this morning (Wed) that they will not renew the contract of Jamie Fiesel for the 2016/17 campaign.

"We would like to thank Jamie for his 12 years with the organization and we wish him and his family all the best moving forward", Mils president Dawn Melnychuk said in a press release this morning.

Melnychuk also added that "After a dozen years you got to decide as an organization if this is the road you want to continue to go on or if you want to go in a new direction and that's what we decided to do."

Fiesel took over the helm of the Mils from Steve Young in 2004 had a regular season record of 339-280-58 regular season record over his 12 years and his teams lost in 3 SJHL League Finals to Humboldt (twice) and also the Yorkton Terriers in 2014.

"To me today, I'm not sad, disappointed that I won't be the guy to win the championship for this great community, I'm very content and I am very honored and happy that I was able to be the Head Coach/GM of the Melville Millionaires for 12 years", Fiesel said in a interview.

Fiesel was also the longest serving Coach remaining in the SJHL.

Any candidates interested in the Head Coach/GM position for the Melville Millionaires can send their resumes to Mils President Dawn Melnychuk by email to

Thoughts from Mils President Dawn Melnychuk

Thoughts from Jamie Fiesel


Reflecting on Feez...

I'd like to personally like to thank Jamie Fiesel for all he did for me during our 4 years we had the chance to work together for.

Feez was also so accommodating for interviews or press releases with the team or just was there to be some one to shoot the breeze with which you can't ask for more being new to the Sports broadcasting industry.

Here is a couple of videos to remind us what kind of great humor and character Fiesel has. or

I had the chance to first-hand see the impact that Feez had on the community and to the Mils organization being from the City of Melville, he was always willing to lend a hand for Minor hockey practices to having his team or himself help out in the community to just having a conversation with any on from young or old in Melville.

So did Jamie Fiesel win that elusive first league title for the Mils organization and their fans, no he didn't (but no coach has been able to as of yet), did he put his heart and soul in to try and do that? Absolutely, no doubt about that. He was able to take a team that didn't reach a league final in 10 years, to 3 league championship series, and tons of memories not only on but off the ice as well.

So from him pretending he left his wallet on the road trips so the rest of us had to pay for his snacks to always chirping me (or sometimes complimenting me) about how with my nice suit and tie that I finally didn't have a face for radio, its been a slice Jamie Fiesel, thanks for all you did for the City of Melville, the Melville Millionaire organization, the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey and for myself in your 12 years.

Like a lot of people have said, Melville was good for Jamie Fiesel but also Jamie Fiesel was good for Melville.

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