Wednesday 27 April 2016

Yorkton Cardinals Sign Head Coach for 2016 WMBL Summer Collegiate Season

The Yorkton Cardinals are very pleased to announce the signing of Omaha native and current  Zone Training Instructor at the PMPM (Perfect mind Perfect motion) baseball academy, Bryn Biancalana, as the Head Coach for the team, summer 2016.

Bryn brings to Yorkton an excellent pedigree,  as he is the son of former Major League infielder Buddy Biancalana who won the 1985 World Series with the Kansas City Royals, first beating the Toronto Blue Jays in 7 games and then the ST. Louis Cardinals also in 7.

Bryn brings a wealth of baseball knowledge because he has been around the game all of his life. Not only did he accompany his father to many major league clubhouses, he took a very keen fascination to the game as he progressed through his teens and early twenties. He feels he certainly has matured in the process of teaching and dealing with the game over the last five years. The PMPM philosophy of slowing the game down and adopting the concept of motion factor is groundbreaking, which draws on neuroscience.

Bryn has a unique ability to connect with young baseball players striving to achieve Professional status. Since Collegiate baseball involves players under the age of 25, this becomes a perfect storm for him to charge his players with philosophies that are new to them.

Bryn has coached in Edmonton (WMBL) and Saskatoon (WMBL)  in 2011 and 2012 and very pleased to be in Yorkton (WMBL) for 2016.

The Cardinals begin their 2016 season in Melville on Sat May 28 and return to Yorkton for a 7PM game vs  Melville on the 29th.

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