Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mils Year End Award Winners; Final Mils Coaches Show of 13/14

Mils 13/14 Year End Award Winners

Fred McLean Memorial Trophy for Most Gentlemanly Player- Lane Harbor

Bob Parker Memorial Trophy for Mr. Hustle- Allan Kilback

Tom Dooley Memorial Trophy for Most Improved Player- Ben Mack 

Don & Vi Kilback Award Memorial Scholastic Award- Ben Mack 

3 Star Player Award- Isaiah Plett 

Edward Wozniak Memorial Award for Unsung Hero- Landon Farrell

Cheerful Spirit and Cooperative Attitude Award- Dylan Ostertag 

Richard Mann Memorial Trophy for Best Playoff Performer- Isaiah Plett

Bell, Kreklewich & Co. Law Office for Most Popular Players- Isaiah Plett and Kelvin Walz 

Swannie and Shirley Cox & Phyllis Sanftleben Memorial Trophy for Rookie of the Year- Landon Farrell and Reed Murray 

Vaughn Motter Memorial Trophy for Top Forward- Colin Mospanchuk and Kelvin Walz 

Gerald Wassill Memorial Trophy for the Best Defenseman- Alec Brandrup 

Molson's Award for Top Scorer- Colin Mospanchuk 

Mel Sullivan Awarf for Most Valuable Player- Isaiah Plett 

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  1. Good thing your up to date Benny, I just got my Meville Advance and found out the mils lost ...