Saturday 27 April 2013

Terriers come from behind to win opener over Nanaimo

The Yorkton Terriers got out to an early lead and then had to come from behind to beat the host Nanaimo Clippers 4-3 in their opener of the Western Canada Cup.
Jeremy Johnson would open the scoring for the Terriers in the first period finishing off a nice passing play to give the Terriers a 1-0 lead. But just a few minutes later, former PG Cougar and 4 year  WHL vet Greg Fraser would even up the hockey game at 1-1. But the Terriers would then regain their 1 goal lead as Taylor Thompson would get his 1st goal of the tournament to make it a 2-1 Terriers advantage. Matt Grant thought would tie it up this time at 2 with his 1st to make it all square after 1 period.

There would be back and forth chances in the 2nd period but the lone goal would go to the Clippers as Colton Dahlen's wrist shot from the point would beat a screened Dawson McAuley to give Nanaimo a 3-2 lead after 40 minutes of play.

In the final frame was the best period for the Terriers in the game as they would get 2 goals as first it would be Jeremy Johnson getting his 2nd of the night after capitalizing on a Nanaimo turnover to make it 3-all. Then just a few minutes later, the Terriers would get the winner from a familiar force as captain Devon McMullen would get the winner to give the Terriers a 4-3 victory.

Terriers goalie Dawson McAuley stopped 39 shots for the victory while Clippers' goalie Derek Dun stopped 31 shots but was tagged with the loss.

The Terriers will go right back at on Sunday against the Steinbach Pistons. 2:50/3:00PM Sask time on GX94 or listen live at

Integra Tire 3 Stars:

1) Jeremy Johnson - 2 Goals
2) Dawson McAuley - 39 Saves for W
3) Taylor Thompson - 1G 1A

Jeremy Johnson Post Game

HC Trent Cassan Post Game


  1. Go Terriers! Nice winning goal late in the game by the captain

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  3. Remove my comment because it said you suck at writing? Well, you do (for now) take the criticism and work towards making it better.

    Because this is the blog portion of what you do and no one wants to read badly written articles.

  4. what an idiot! Benny has done a great job with the blog as well as on the radio especially without a color guy. Must be a jealous Broncos fan still steaming. Great job Benny. I enjoy your blogs as well as listening on the radio. I cant believe how much these radio guys get ripped. It was the same with Craig and he did a hell of a job as well. If you don't have anything good to say get lost!

  5. Hey Anonymous...why didn't you put your full name behind your criticism?? Maybe someone should come to your job and see how perfect you are. Benny keep up the great work.

  6. I didn't even know I deleted that comment, mustve accidently clicked it on my smartphone.. Thanks for the support everyone

  7. Must have been when you were driving the golf cart with one hand and smartphone in the other. Im jealous!

  8. Benny is a good play by play announcer, no doubt about it. But his writing on this blog needs work. I understand it's not his primary role as a radio announcer (which, let me say once again, he does a damn fine job of). However, it does need to be worked on.

    And I am currently not working as my student visa allows just 10 hours a week for work. I am studying Sports Journalism (University of the Arts, London. LCC Campus) and writing for the British Baseball Federation.

    You want my name, Mark. Here it is: Randy Brenzen. Terriers season ticket holder until I moved to London, UK for university. Seat was located in Section D right behind the penalty box and I'll be listening to the game tonight even with the eight hour time difference from Nanaimo to London.

    Go Terriers.

  9. Also, keep up the good work announcing and best of luck working on improving your writing! Nanaimo is nice but Summerside would be nicer! - Randy

  10. Still pretty classless coming onto a blog to say that Benny sucks at writing. Hopefully no one treats you that way if you get into sports journalism.

  11. The thing is anything I say here I'd say face-to-face as well and would have no problem doing so.

    One will never get better if they do not hear criticism. I am sure Benny, like myself, would prefer to be told like it is as opposed to continue writing at a level that is lesser than what it should be.

    If I write something and it's crap I'd rather hear about it as opposed to thinking it's great when in reality it's terrible. Benny gives most of the useful information just doesn't word the article correctly. That's probably due to verbally delivering the information all the time (if you write like you speak it tends to not read very well).

    It won't take long if he works on it or doesn't rush the writing process.

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