Monday 15 April 2013

Yorkton Terriers Schedule for the 2013 Western Canada Cup


Sat Apr. 27/13
Yorkton Terriers vs (Host) Nanaimo Clippers - 7:50PM/8:00PM

 Sun. Apr. 28/13 Yorkton Terriers vs MJHL – 2:50PM/3:00PM

Tue. Apr. 30/13
Yorkton Terriers vs AJHL – 2:50PM/3pm

Thur. May 2/13
Yorkton Terriers vs BCHL – 2:50PM/3pm

Playoff page

Sat. May 4/13
4th place vs 3rd place – 2:50PM/3PM

Sat. May 4/13
2nd place vs 1st place – 8pm
Winner qualifies for Nationals

Sun. May 5/13
3rd/4th place winner vs 1st/2nd place loser – 5pm

Winner qualifies for nationals


  1. I would like to thank all the players & coaching staff for a great & exciting year.
    Bring back the RBC cup BOYS. Benny thank you for a bang on Job you did all year for the terriers.

  2. I believe the winners of the 2 Saturday games qualify for the RBC

  3. Well the winner of the 1 vs 2 page playoff game will advance to the RBC, while the loser of that game gets 2nd chance and will play winner of 3 vs 4 playoff game and the winner of that game advances to RBC as well. So its the winner of the sunday game as well that advances

  4. Good to see a play by play guy in BC has no clue how it works. Really thinks the winner or 3-4 goes on but the 1-2 loser is out? Never heard of page playoffs I guess.

  5. Anonymous here is how it works. You can see for your self on the WCC webpage:

    Game 1)1st vs 2nd- winner advances to RBC
    Game 2)3rd vs 4th - winner plays loser of game 1
    Game 3)loser of game 1 vs winner of game 2 - winner advances to RBC

    1. My previous comment is meant to be for Hammer not Annoymous sorry

  6. Not really sure how the schedule is determined, but it seems to me somebody on the scheduling committee is a little worried our Terriers might pose one of the chosen teams a bit of a problem in getting to the RBC since they schedule Yorkton Saturday night and then again in the next game Sunday afternoon.

  7. Maybe the Terrier hierarchy helped schedule. Some of them would probably prefer they lose out. Too many expenses, no income. It's all about the money. Go Terriers Go, but I think they want the money before the National Championship. Call me a skeptic.

  8. Sorry anon but gotta disagree with ya. Western Canada Cup from what I've been told costs the team next to nothing. RBC I would imagine a different story. I understand everythings a business but winning always makes and helps things be better in the end.

  9. Host committee pays everyone's way. Trouble is teams have to pay their billets for another month while their rink sits empty and they don't make any $.

  10. Gary, I believe you are right about the WCC. However, if they make it to the RBC, the bottom line income-wise deteriorates. The point I was trying to make was that the hierarchy hopes they lose in Nanaimo, therefore no further cost to the club. If they make RBC, this costs the team I am guessing 40 K. Flights, rooms, meals and they still pay the billet families. Certain persons probably hope they flop in Nanaimo. All about the money after all is said and done.

  11. Mike from Vita, MB, formerly of the Yorkton area24 April 2013 at 19:24

    Money aside, the experience for the players and team will be invaluable