Sunday 26 January 2020

2020 Viterra Scotties Day 3 Recap

Regina's Ashley Howard booked the 2nd ticket into the Viterra Scotties Playoffs on Sunday night after 9-8 thrilling victory over Sherry Anderson of Saskatoon on Sunday.

Howard and her rink will now play North Battleford's Robyn Silvernagle in Monday night's 1 vs. 2 Page Playoff game.

The other two playoff spots are up for grabs on Monday afternoon when Penny Barker faces Rae Willamson and Mandy Selzer battles Sherry Anderson.

The playoff games will go at 7:30PM on Monday.

Draw 6 Scores

C- Amber Holland 12 Shalon Fleming 1

C- Rae Williamson 9 Jana Tisdale 3

C- Lorraine Schneider 6 Mandy Selzer 10

Draw 7 Scores 

B- Sherry Anderson 7 Penny Barker 6

B- Ashley Howard 11 Michelle Englot 8

Draw 8 Scores 

B Qualifier- Ashley Howard 9  Sherry Anderson 8

C- Kristen Streifel 8  Penny Barker 9

C- Amber Holland 6 Mandy Selzer 7

C- Michelle Englot 6 Rae Williamson 10

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