Friday 6 January 2017

Logjam in Duck Mountain Super League Curling


When round robin play in the Duck Mountain Super League of men’s curling concluded in Benito January 03, Don Bowes and Ken Newell, each with records of four wins and two losses, were tied for top spot. Four teams were tied for second place, and Randy Trofimenkoff , with a single victory, was low man on the totem pole.

The log jam of teams with three wins and three losses will be broken in Norquay January 09 when Kamsack’s Fred Perepiolkin will go against MLA Terry Dennis of Canora, and Rick Kinaschuk of Benito will face Jeremy Hrycenko of Arran.

The winners of this tie-breaker draw will advance to A-Side semi-final play in Benito January 10th. One team that loses in Norquay will play against Trofimenkoff in the B-Side semi-final, also scheduled for Benito January 10. The other team that loses in Norquay will advance to the B-Side final.

How did all this happen?

Let’s go back to Kamsack for Draw 06 played December 20th. Don Bowes, sponsored by Cottenie and Gardner Inc, was engaged in a close game with the Hrycenko brothers, backed by Rawhides Bistro and Saloon. Bowes blanked the seventh end and had hammer coming home with a rock buried in the four foot circle. The game was tied 3-3. After much deliberation, Jeremy Hrycenko, throwing his last stone, attempted a raise take out and missed, giving Bowes the win.

Fred Perepiolkin and his Kamsack crew, sponsored by Nykolaishen Farms, showed remarkable poise in defeating Ken Newell’s Norquay team in seven ends. At one point Newell had three rocks counting in the four foot ring that were cancelled when Perepiolkin calmly drew the button.

The final game in Draw 06 saw Terry Dennis squeak by Randy Trofimenkoff 5-4 after eight ends.
Duck Mountain Super League curling resumed in Benito January 03 when Newell clipped Hrycenko and Dennis, sponsored by Pioneer Hi-Bred Seeds of Canora,  won his game against hometown favourite Rick Kinaschuk, bankrolled by W.F. Schnieder and Son Ltd. A third round-robin  game scheduled for Benito was conceded to Bowes when the Trofimenkoff  could not ice enough players.

2016-2017 will mark year 30 in the history of the Duck Mountain Super League of men’s curling.

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