Sunday 3 June 2018

2018 MJHL Bantam Draft

Wayway Wolverines

1st round, 7th overall:

F Colby Wotton - Foxwarren MB (Yellowhead Chiefs)
24G 24A for 48 points in 33 games

2nd round, 12th overall:

D Brandt Young- Neepawa, MB (Yellowhead Chiefs)
4G 40A for 44 points in 36 games

4th round, 42nd overall: 

F Myles Sobry - Souris, MB  (Southwest Cougars)
22G 30A for 52 points in 26 games

5th round, 45th overall:

F Tyson Smith- Winnipeg MB (Winnipeg Hawks) 
15G 30A for 45 points in 34 games

6th round, 62nd overall:

F Cameron Jones - Winnipeg MB (Winnipeg Sharks)
15G 18A for 33 points in 29 games 

6th round, 65th overall: 

D Curtis Muhr - Vista MB (Yellowhead Chiefs) 
3G 9A for 12 points in 36 games 


D Wyatt Tweet (Russell)

(15G 16A = 31 points in 35 games with Parkland Rangers Bantam AAA)

F Joshua Thompson 

(21G 14A = 36 points in 32 games with Parkland Rangers Bantam AAA)

I recapped the weekend with Wayway Wolverines Head Coach/GM Taylor Harnett:

Harnett on weekend overall

Harnett on 7th overall pick Colby Wotton

Harnett on dealing the 1st overall selection

Harnett on their draft


Swan Valley Stampeders

1st round, 4th overall:

D Cole Assailly - Winnipeg MB  (Rink Hockey Academy)
1G 11A for 12 points in 30 games

2nd round, 15th overall: 

F Matthew Egan - St. Aldolph MB  (Eastman Selects)
9G 12A for 21 points in 30 games

4th round, 37th overall:

F Garett Zasitko  - Winnipeg MB (Rink Hockey Academy)
6G 17A for 23 points in 30 games

5th round, 48th overall:

D Brayden Mosset - Waskada MB  (Southwest Cougars)
6G 18A for 24 points in 35 games

6th round, 59th overall:

G Carter Ullet - Winnipeg MB (Winnipeg Monarchs)
14-2 record with 2.38GA and 2 SO


D Zachary Boychuk (Swan River)

(8G 17A = 25 points in 36 games with Parkland Rangers Bantam AAA) 

F Trey Sauder (Swan River)

(13G 20A = 33 points in 35 games with Parkland Rangers Bantam AAA) 

**I caught up with Stampeders Asst. Coach/Head Scout Darren Webster to recap the weekend

Webster on weekend in general

Webster on 1st round pick Cole Asailly

Webster on drafted forwards Matthew Egan and Garrett Zasitko

Webster on D Brayden Mossett and G Carter Ullet

Webster on the teams off-season coming up

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