Wednesday 13 June 2018

Melville Millionaires (SJHL) 2018 Annual General Meeting Recap

The SJHL's Melville Millionaires held their annual general meeting in the Horizon Credit Union Center Boardroom last night (Tues).

The team announced after earning a slight profit from the 2016/17 season, that they suffered a deficit of $17,605 dollars from the 2017/18 campaign.

Dwayne Kraft, who was acclaimed at the meeting as President of the hockey club for a 2nd straight year, says one of the bigger reasons for the loss was they didn't have their Agri-Fund project in place last year.

"We knew when we lost it last year, that it was something that was going to be big deficit to us and we did see that in the numbers and getting it back for this year was very important, our volunteers and board worked very hard to set it up & we are looking forward to see it reap benefits for us this year", Kraft said in a interview after the AGM.

Kraft said he learned a lot in his first year as President of the Mils and he will be looking build on what they did in 2017/18.

"Hope to build off with how we ended last year, I think Devin and his staff were starting to build something on the ice towards the end of the year and I hope they can keep the momentum going and I hope I can give him the tools to put a good product on the ice this season"

Dwayne Kraft

Past President:
Dawn Melnychuk

1st Vice-President:
Tammy Stevenson

2nd Vice-President:
Renee Waldbauer

Charlotte Poier


I caught up with Mils President Dwayne Kraft after the meeting:

Kraft on returning as team President for a 2nd year

Kraft on what he learnt in his 1st year as President

Kraft on the improvements the club is looking to make heading into the new season.

Kraft on the 2017/18 deficit and Agri-Fund project.

Kraft on some of their fundraising projects for the upcoming year.

Kraft talked about the 2018/19 Season Tickets and the Offseason

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